18 Fun Atlanta Date Ideas That Are Way More Fun Than You Think

I mean, are we still going to a movie and a dinner for a date? I think it’s about time we broaden our horizons and switch the scene up! Like honestly if you want to see the next Matthew McConaughey flick, we’ll wait until it's on Redbox. Don’t worry; he’ll still get a check. But seriously, why not step out of your comfort zone? Too many relationships are failing way before they even begin. Riding the wave or following trends can only get you so far. It’s time to put your thinking caps on and any place you thought wasn’t going to be date-worthy, I need you to start your engines and go there. Did you forget you’re in Atlanta? Hello! There are so many exciting things to do here. There are so many different types of restaurants to try out and things to explore.

18 Unique Places To Take A Date In Atlanta If You Don't Drink

We all know Atlanta is probably close to claiming the 'drinking capital' title. With Wine Down Wednesdays and major drink specials for Taco Tuesdays, Atlanta is the place to be for good drinks. But what if you just want to have a good time without a glass in your hand? Or better yet, having a sober mind for date night on Tuesday? Because that guy or girl you met on Saturday night, may very well look different come date night.

These Are The Most Haunted Spots In Georgia That You Must Road Trip To This Fall

Have you checked the calendar lately? Because October is here people! That means more chai tea, jean jackets, and, of course, Halloween! Yes, Halloween is near! That means it's time to start booking your tickets to your favorite creepy spots and have the time of your life. But, if I may, add a suggestion and say why not switch it up and plan a road trip to explore some of the haunted spots in Georgia! Why not? Everyone knows Georgia is known for way more than just Atlanta and some peaches! Geor

20 Secret Places In Atlanta To Bring Your Girlfriend This Fall

And then there was fall. Don’t think for a second that everything you did over summer break can be continued into the fall season! No, no! If the leaves have to change color, and the drinks on Starbucks menu have to change, then yes, you too have to change up your dating routine for the new season! Having a late night swim with your girlfriend is about to be out the question until next year. It’s time to create a new date night game plan. This fall season we need you and your partner to date ou

15 Surreal Places In Georgia You Won't Believe Really Exist

So I think it’s no surprise that Georgia is a pretty interesting state. I mean, it’s the south and nothing compares to it. It’s one of those states where people migrate from all over. We may be known for some of the best southern food, have the best city and almost perfect weather, but I promise you we are much more than that! So we have compiled a list of some surreal places in Georgia you won’t believe exist. And I already know you won't believe that Savannah should technically be its own sta

15 Things To Do In Atlanta When You're Bored And All Your Friends Are Busy

Okay, I get it. We probably all need friends but life can seem so blah at times when our rollies just aren’t available. One day they are blowing our phones up, planning trips and hanging out with no issues. Then all of a sudden, our phone is dry with zero replies. What kind of life is that? But I’ll tell you one thing; what we’re not going to do is sit in the house and scroll through the gram all day. No, there’s a life that needs to be lived and you my friend will live it! There’s places to se

Should You Use Hair Sunscreen on your Hair Extensions This Summer?

We are just a few weeks away from June, people! That means Summer 2018 is approaching and the time is now to start getting ready. Typically people begin planning trips, packing bags, and purchasing their favorite summer items. We all know, for most people, sunscreen lotion is one of the top sellers in the summertime. I mean, you have to protect your skin right? So much damage can occur to our bodies if we’re not safe in the sun but that’s not the only thing that can get damaged. Have you ever

10 Secrets Ways on How to Become A Better Hairstylist

A hairstylist will get nowhere within their career if they don’t work hard. You can’t work part-time at being great and expect to be a full-time superstar! You must grind hard every day. Below I’ll go through some ways that will set you up for greatness in becoming a better hairstylist. Too many hairstylists go through their day taking what gets thrown at them, but that’s a bad routine that needs to go. It’s important to go through your day prepared. Being prepared allows you to focus better,

A Conversation With New York Creative Rodney Hazard

“The process is never linear.” Those were some true words spoken by the New York DJ, Producer and Art Director, Rodney Hazard. He’s been on the music scene for quite some time now and recently dropped a new album titled Saint or Savage. The album features several up and coming artists that had a chance to collaborate with the Producer. He spoke with AAHH and broke down the meaning behind the title. “It’s about making less of a choice and having more action. Stepping into who you truly are and who you want to become, but with more redemption. Which one are you right now, Saint or Savage?”

Should you Be Sharing your Lace Front Wigs? (Borrow a Wig?)

I’m sure we can all agree that there is nothing cheap about hair extensions. I’m talking everything from purchasing them, to install to even maintenance. When you invest your money into extensions, you are getting your money worth for sure. However, there are plenty of people who don’t have that kind of money to spend. They want the beauty standards behind extensions but can’t afford it. So what does one do? Well, they call their best friend up and ask to use theirs! Why even try to put the mo

CHIKA: A New York Star On The Rise

CHIKA is originally from Montgomery, Alabama. She recently relocated to one of the world’s music capitals – New York, to focus on her music career. She also comes from a very supportive family and keeps them in the forefront of her mind when times get rough. “My family also keeps me motivated. I have parents and a sibling with special needs that I want to be able to take care of. When things get really hard, I think about that. They have tried their best to support me, so I‘ll bust my ass to support them,” she mentions. In her latest viral video, she discusses how there are people in the rap game who take their platform for granted. Mentioning that there’s so much in society that needs to be addressed and it’s not. CHIKA is fighting for a spot in the game so her voice can be heard and lives can be changed. Similar to how J. Cole, who she admires, pierces the souls of his fans with his lyrics.

Techniques and Methods to Co-Wash Your Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, the biggest misconception a lot of people have is how important it is to cleanse them. Some believe that wearing hair extensions exempts them from all hair maintenance. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. With that mindset, you will find yourself wasting a lot of money. Most people keep their hair extensions until they are raggedy looking, not realizing that if they cleanse them, they will last longer. Co-washing hair extensions are one of the best an

How To Determine Your Selling Prices

The most important thing to know about yourself is your worth. Not only on an individual level but also when it comes to business. Knowing your worth and how valuable you are will set the bar for everything you do. When it comes to the hair industry, which is a saturated market, you must know how to stand out from the rest. When you know you’re worth you can begin the process of determining your prices. You may want to ask yourself “what can I bring to the table?” It’s going to be crucial that

Better Hair Care: Would You Let Bae Help Remove your Weave?

Ladies, let’s talk! So, would you let your bae help take out your weave or are your remaining solo dolo? For decades, men were known for not caring about women’s hair. They wanted nothing to do with it! They never understood it and also didn’t want to. But as times have changed, thanks to social media, we now have viral footage of men assisting their better half with their hair! And well, their work isn’t half bad either! Sure, viewing a man doing hair may be cute from afar, but I think it pos

Why Lace Front Wigs Are So Popular (Versatility & Styling!)

Lace front wigs will not let us get distracted by the fact; it saves us so much time in our life! As we all know, time is something nobody can get back. It’s super precious and even super sensitive in the mornings! The number one reason lace front wigs are so popular is because it gives you your time back. A lace front wig allows you to throw it on and continue your day. Washing your hair in the morning or even trying to decide on a style won’t consume you anymore. The only maintenance that wi

Best Hair Tools to Keep in Your Purse At All Times

To be honest with you, nobody has time to be unprepared. It’s almost a thing of the past! When it comes to hair, we all know how crazy it is when a hair strand is out of place, and you can’t do anything about it! Have you ever been hanging out somewhere and went to the bathroom and noticed your hair is out of place? Well, I don’t know about you, but I have, and it’s completely frustrating! This issue is why we all should have certain hair tools that are staples in our purses! Being prepared at

15 Things Only People With Hair Extensions Will Understand

Have you ever tried to explain to someone why you have to spend $500 on your bundles? It’s one of the worst arguments in the world especially if you’re married and you have to explain a large charge on the bank statement. But we all know that every penny of those bundles is worth it. I mean let’s face it, if you’re like me, you only purchase human hair. Human hair comes straight from someone else’s scalp, which means you’re able to treat it as such. We can cut, curl and style human hair extens

Marketing Tips To Keep Your Hair Clients Coming Back

We all know that to stay in the hair business, we must keep our customers coming back, right? But sometimes it’s hard to get them to go back because most people think it’s up to the customer. However, part of it is the customer, yes, but most of it should be the hairstylist persuading them! Don’t ever think that your only duty starts and stop with styling your client’s hair. There is so much that a stylist can do, to keep their clients coming back. You see, customers are still people just like

Confessions Time: 10 Things Your Hair Stylist Won't Tell You

Ew. Did you know that? I didn’t! Not washing the brushes and combs before a new client arrives is pretty disgusting. But us consumers wouldn’t know about that, and of course, no hairstylist would offer that information to you during your appointment. Whenever we’re paying for public service, we always go in with the mindset of trust. We trust that whoever is handling our need, is doing so in a healthy matter. When we go to the hairstylist, we trust them as well. We hope that their hands, combs

Hair Relaxers, Are They Really A Thing of The Past?

Here we are again with another conversation that involves the relaxed hair community and the natural hair gang. But today we’ll dig a little deep on figuring out if hair relaxers are a thing of the past. Hair relaxers have been around for as long as I can remember. Doing some research, you will find that a guy name Garrett Augustus Morgan created the relaxer back in the late 1800’s. It was an accident how he built it but found out it could alter the texture of the hair. Eventually, it blew up a
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